Morton Grove Post 134
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The American Legion National Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission periodically publishes bulletins which are available from our post and this website.

Bulletin Date Subject
18-09 August 31, 2009 Proposed PTSD Regulation text pdf
19-09 September 9, 2009 VA publishes Final Regulation on Presumption of Service Connection for Osteoporosis for Former Prisoners of War text pdf
20-09 September 10, 2009 Statement of Clarence E. Hill, National Commander, The American Legion, Before a Joint Session of The Veterans' Affairs Committees, United States Congress, On The Legislative Priorities of The American Legion pdf
21-09 September 10, 2009 VA's Follow-up to Pharmacy Fraud Alert text pdf
September 10, 2009 U.S. Senate Passes Resolution making September 16, The American Legion Day text pdf
22-09 September 11, 2009 Federal Circuit Court Invalidates Department of Veterans Affairs Extraordinary Awards Procedures text pdf
23-09 September 18, 2009 Retroactive Refunds of Copayments text pdf
24-09 September 22, 2009 Correction to the Expansion of Enrollment in the VA Health Care System text pdf
October 13, 2009 Release: The American Legion praises VA for "overdue but welcome" help for more Agent Orange victims text pdf
October 14, 2009 Release: The American Legion cheers "landmark" VA appropriations measure text pdf
October 27, 2009 Release: New American Legion National Web site takes flight Nov. 9 text pdf
October 28, 2009 Release: The American Legion supports outsourcing GI Bill claims as 'temporary' measure text pdf
October 28, 2009 Release: A mix of victories and defeats in new defense act, says The American Legion text pdf
October 30, 2009 Release: Military voting reforms inspire cry of "mission accomplished" from leader of The American Legion text pdf
October 30, 2009 Release: The American Legion urges Congress to pass Post 9/11 Troops to Teachers Enhancement Bill text pdf
27-09 November 2, 2009 VA Places Stay on Adjudication of Claims for New Agent Orange Presumptive Conditions Until Regulations are Finalized text pdf

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